14 Fall Things to Do in Iowa

When the crisp autumn air sweeps across Iowa, it ushers in a season of vibrant colors and abundant opportunities for outdoor adventures. From exploring the breathtaking foliage to indulging in seasonal treats, the Hawkeye State offers a plethora of activities to make your fall unforgettable. 

In this guide, we’ll delve into 17 exciting ways to celebrate the fall season in Iowa, ensuring you make the most of this enchanting time of year.

14 Fall Things to Do in Iowa

1. Exploring Vibrant Foliage

As the leaves in Iowa’s trees transition from their summer greens to the striking hues of red, orange, and gold, it’s the perfect time to explore the breathtaking fall foliage. 

Whether you’re an avid nature enthusiast or simply looking for a peaceful escape, this is the season for all. 

2. Hiking Through Autumn Splendor

Autumn in Iowa offers more than just eye-catching foliage – it’s the ideal season to hit the hiking trails. With temperatures that are neither too hot nor too cold, it’s a hiker’s paradise. 

From family-friendly strolls to challenging hikes, there’s a trail for everyone. Some of the top hiking spots, provide guidance on essential safety tips, and share insights on encountering the state’s fascinating wildlife.

3. Pumpkin Patches Galore

Fall wouldn’t be complete without a visit to one of Iowa’s charming pumpkin patches. It’s a perfect family activity, and you can educate yourself and your kids about the different types of pumpkins you can find, from the ones perfect for carving to heirloom varieties. 

Many patches offer not just pumpkins but also fun-filled activities like corn mazes, petting zoos, and tractor rides. Discover creative ways to preserve pumpkins, ensuring their usefulness goes beyond jack-o’-lanterns.

4. Fall Farm Festivals

To experience the heart of rural Iowa in the fall, attending one of the state’s many farm festivals is a must. 

These festivals feature everything from traditional harvest celebrations to artisan markets and farm-to-table dining experiences. 

You can enjoy the delight of cider pressing and apple butter-making, and explore the handmade crafts and goods offered by local artisans.

5. Corn Mazes and Hayrides

Autumn in Iowa means the cornfields transform into intricate mazes and hayrides become a classic way to enjoy the season. 

Dive into the world of corn maze design, some of which can be incredibly creative and challenging. Navigate your way through these mazes using tips like your phone’s GPS or following clues hidden within. 

While you’re at it, ensure you’re dressed appropriately and comfortably for a memorable hayride.

6. Roaming Apple Orchards

Iowa’s fall charm is never more apparent than when you step into one of its picturesque apple orchards. With the trees heavy with ripe fruit, it’s the perfect time for apple-picking enthusiasts to explore these rustic havens. 

Whether you’re in search of the perfect apple for baking, cider making, or simply for munching on a crisp autumn day, you’ll find a variety of apples ripe for the picking. Enjoy a leisurely stroll through the orchards, breathe in the fresh, cool air, and fill your basket with the bounties of the season.

7. Fall Arts and Crafts Fairs

Iowa’s fall arts and crafts fairs are a delightful way to explore local creativity and get a head start on your holiday shopping. These events showcase the talents of skilled artisans, with booths brimming with handcrafted treasures. 

From unique jewelry and woodwork to paintings and pottery, there’s something for everyone. Participate in DIY workshops to create your very own fall-inspired crafts and decorations, or simply enjoy the festive atmosphere while supporting local artists and artisans.

8. Farm-to-Table Dining

When you visit Iowa in the fall, don’t miss the opportunity to indulge in the state’s farm-to-table dining experiences. Local restaurants embrace the harvest season, offering dishes made with fresh, locally sourced ingredients. 

From roasted root vegetables to hearty soups, these eateries craft their menus to showcase the flavors of autumn. Whether you’re a foodie or simply looking for a taste of Iowa, farm-to-table dining is a must-try culinary adventure.

9. Fall Flavors

Iowa’s fall flavors are a delight for the senses. As the temperature drops, the state’s cuisine takes on a warm and comforting character. Pumpkin-based recipes go beyond the classic pie, with pumpkin soups, pastas, and even desserts gracing menus. 

You can also savor the rich, natural sweetness of Iowa maple syrup, often used in various dishes. And for those who appreciate a good brew, Iowa’s craft breweries feature seasonal beers infused with hints of cinnamon, nutmeg, and other fall spices. Fall flavors in Iowa are a treat for the taste buds.

10. Camping and RVing

Autumn in Iowa beckons outdoor enthusiasts to explore its scenic beauty through camping and RVing. The state offers picturesque campgrounds where you can immerse yourself in the vibrant colors of fall while enjoying the tranquility of nature. 

To make the most of your camping or RVing adventure, ensure you pack essential gear to stay warm and dry. Plus, don’t forget to gaze at the starry skies in the crisp, clear air, providing a truly memorable experience under the Iowa fall canopy.

11. Fishing and Hunting

For those who love outdoor sports, fall is a prime time for fishing and hunting in Iowa. The state’s rivers and lakes offer prime fishing locations, as the fish become more active during this season. 

Make sure to stay informed about Iowa’s hunting seasons, regulations, and licenses if you plan to embark on a hunting adventure. 

And once your outdoor excursion is successful, discover delicious recipes for preparing the game you’ve caught, from venison stew to pan-fried fish. Fall in Iowa is a hunter’s and angler’s paradise.

12. Iowa’s Historic Sites

Iowa’s historic sites invite you to step back in time and explore the state’s rich heritage. From the well-preserved Amana Colonies to the birthplace of Herbert Hoover, these landmarks offer a glimpse into Iowa’s past. 

Many sites provide interactive tours and hands-on experiences, allowing you to gain a deeper understanding of the state’s history. 

Additionally, delve into the intriguing world of local legends and ghost stories associated with these historic sites, adding a touch of mystery to your historical journey through Iowa.

13. Art Galleries and Museums

Art galleries and museums in Iowa offer a rich cultural experience. Explore current exhibitions, including contemporary art and historical retrospectives. Many institutions host engaging events, workshops, and interactive exhibits that cater to all ages. 

Additionally, we’ll spotlight local artists who have made a significant impact on Iowa’s art scene. Dive into the vibrant world of art and history that Iowa has to offer.

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14. Native American Heritage

Discover the rich Native American heritage in Iowa. Attend cultural celebrations, powwows, and festivals that showcase the traditions, art, and stories of Iowa’s Native American communities. 

Learn about the historical context and significance of Native American heritage in the state, from ancient times to the present day. 

Explore the traditional and contemporary art and crafts created by Iowa’s Native American artists. Immerse yourself in the diverse and captivating culture that is an integral part of Iowa’s heritage.


As the leaves fall and temperatures drop, Iowa transforms into a captivating wonderland. From embracing the vibrant foliage to savoring local flavors and participating in festive events, there’s no shortage of activities to make your fall in Iowa truly unforgettable. 

So, pack your bags and embark on a journey to experience the best of the Hawkeye State’s autumn charm.

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