Indoor Things to Do in Traverse City

Traverse City, Michigan, is known for its breathtaking natural beauty and outdoor adventures, but what if the weather doesn’t cooperate? 

Fear not, because Traverse City has a vibrant indoor scene to explore! I recently had the opportunity to visit five fantastic indoor attractions in the area, each offering a unique experience. Let me take you through my journey and share my experiences at these gems.

Indoor Things to Do in Traverse City

1. The Village at Grand Traverse Commons

Address: 300 E Front St, Traverse City, MI 49684

Phone: +1 231-941-1900


The Village at Grand Traverse Commons

The Village at Grand Traverse Commons is a historic and sprawling complex with a fascinating history. It was once a state mental hospital, but it has been transformed into a charming village filled with unique shops, restaurants, and art galleries. 

As I strolled through the beautiful hallways, I couldn’t help but admire the architecture and the sense of community here. It’s an excellent place to shop for local crafts, dine at cozy eateries, and immerse yourself in Traverse City’s heritage.

2. Music House Museum

Address: 500 N West Silver Lake Rd, Traverse City, MI 49684

Phone: +1 231-938-9300


Music House Museum

The Music House Museum is a hidden gem for music enthusiasts and history buffs. Housed in a charming vintage building, this museum showcases an impressive collection of automatic musical instruments. 

I was mesmerized by the beautiful player pianos, music boxes, and antique phonographs. They even offer live demonstrations that transport you back in time, making it a memorable experience for visitors of all ages.

3. Milliken Auditorium

Address: 323 W Front St, Traverse City, MI 49684

Milliken Auditorium

For those seeking a dose of culture, the Milliken Auditorium is a cultural hub in Traverse City. I had the pleasure of attending a performance here, and the acoustics and atmosphere were truly exceptional. 

The auditorium hosts a variety of events, from live concerts to theatrical productions and lectures. Check their website for upcoming events and book your tickets for an enriching cultural experience.

4. Great Lakes Children’s Museum

Address: 13240 S West Bay Shore Dr, Traverse City, MI 49684

Phone: (231) 932-4526


Great Lakes Children's Museum

Traveling with little ones? The Great Lakes Children’s Museum is an excellent destination. This interactive museum offers hands-on exhibits and activities that engage young minds and encourage learning through play. 

From water exploration to creative art projects, the museum is a haven of fun and education. It’s a must-visit for families looking for an entertaining and educational experience indoors.

5. Amazing North

Address: 2650 N US-31 S, Traverse City, MI 49684

Amazing North

If you’re an adventure enthusiast, Amazing North is the place for you. It’s a virtual reality gaming center where I immersed myself in thrilling virtual worlds. 

With a wide selection of games and experiences, you can become a space explorer, a warrior, or even test your archery skills. The staff is friendly and helpful, ensuring that you have a blast navigating these immersive digital landscapes.

6. Cherry Bowl Drive-In Theatre – A Blast from the Past

Address: 9812 Honor Hwy, Honor, MI 49640

Contact: (231) 325-3413


Cherry Bowl Drive-In Theatre

First up, the Cherry Bowl Drive-In Theatre is a nostalgic journey through time. Even though it’s an indoor attraction, it offers an outdoor movie experience inside your car. The iconic drive-in features a massive screen and provides speakers that you can hook to your vehicle. 

It’s a great place for a classic movie night, and the concession stand offers tasty treats. Just remember to tune your radio to the right frequency and enjoy a unique cinematic experience under the stars.

7. State Theatre – A Taste of Culture

Address: 233 E Front St, Traverse City, MI 49684


State Theatre - A Taste of Culture

If you’re in the mood for some culture, visit the State Theatre. This historic venue hosts a variety of events, from classic films to live performances and concerts. 

I was fortunate to catch a captivating play during my visit. The theater’s charming ambiance and comfortable seating make for a delightful experience. Be sure to check their website for upcoming shows and events during your stay.

8. Fun Factory Arcade – A Paradise for Gamers

Address: 2626 S Garfield Rd, Traverse City, MI 49685


Fun Factory Arcade

For a fun and interactive experience, head over to the Fun Factory Arcade. This place is a haven for gamers of all ages. With a wide range of games, from classic pinball to the latest video games, there’s something for everyone. 

I spent hours competing with my friends, winning tickets, and redeeming them for cool prizes. It’s an ideal spot to unleash your inner child and enjoy a fantastic time.

9. Skydive Grand Traverse – Thrills Indoors

Address: 12451 S Airport Rd, Traverse City, MI 49684


Skydive Grand Traverse

While Traverse City’s renowned for its outdoor adventures, even thrill-seekers can have an exciting indoor experience at Skydive Grand Traverse. With a vertical wind tunnel, you can experience the sensation of skydiving without ever leaving the ground. 

The professional instructors ensure your safety, making it a thrilling and unforgettable activity. It’s an excellent way to enjoy the adrenaline rush of skydiving, regardless of the weather.

10. Building 50 – A Historical Gem

Address: 250 E Front St, Traverse City, MI 49684


Building 50 - A Historical Gem

For history buffs, a visit to Building 50 is a must. This historic former mental hospital has been transformed into a cultural center. I explored the art galleries, shops, and learned about the facility’s intriguing history. 

The art on display showcases the talent of local artists, and there are often special exhibitions. You can also grab a cup of coffee at the on-site cafe and appreciate the beautiful architecture and peaceful surroundings.

11. Filling Station Microbrewery

Address: 642 Railroad Pl, Traverse City, MI 49686

Phone: (231) 946-8168


Filling Station Microbrewery

The Filling Station Microbrewery is a hidden gem for craft beer enthusiasts. Located in a beautifully restored train depot, this microbrewery boasts a unique ambiance. I had the pleasure of sampling their diverse selection of handcrafted beers, and I was thoroughly impressed. 

The friendly staff was more than happy to offer recommendations, and the rustic charm of the building added to the experience. Whether you’re a beer aficionado or just looking for a cozy place to unwind, this is a must-visit spot in Traverse City.

12. Escape Rooms Traverse City

Address: 125 E Front St, Traverse City, MI 49684

Phone: +1 231-421-9279


Escape Rooms Traverse City

For an exhilarating indoor adventure, I decided to try out Escape Rooms Traverse City. This thrilling experience challenges your wits and problem-solving skills. I found myself immersed in a captivating story with puzzles and clues that needed to be solved to escape the room in a limited time. 

The attention to detail and creativity of the puzzles made for an unforgettable experience. It’s a fantastic choice for groups of friends, family, or even team-building events.

13. Milliken Indoor Recreation Center

Address: 867 Woodmere Ave, Traverse City, MI 49686

Milliken Indoor Recreation Center

The Milliken Indoor Recreation Center is a perfect destination for staying active while escaping the elements. With its indoor pool, fitness center, and sports courts, I had a wide array of activities to choose from. I opted for a swim in the heated pool and found it incredibly relaxing. 

The facility is well-maintained, and the staff is friendly and accommodating. It’s an excellent place to maintain your fitness routine or just enjoy some leisure time.

14. Traverse City Climbing Center

Address: 2801 Rennie School Rd, Traverse City, MI 49684

Traverse City Climbing Center

Thrill-seekers, this one’s for you! The Traverse City Climbing Center is an indoor climbing facility that caters to climbers of all skill levels. I decided to take on the challenge, and it was a heart-pounding, exhilarating experience. 

The staff provided expert guidance and ensured I felt safe throughout the climb. The center offers various climbing routes, making it suitable for beginners and seasoned climbers alike. Whether you’re a novice or a pro, this place will surely get your adrenaline pumping.

15. Jump Station Trampoline Park

Address: 2950 N US Highway 31 S, Traverse City, MI 49684

Jump Station Trampoline Park

Jump Station Trampoline Park is an indoor playground that promises hours of bouncing fun for all ages. I was like a kid again as I leaped and bounced on the trampolines, attempting gravity-defying stunts. The park is spacious, well-maintained, and safety is a top priority. 

They offer various activities like dodgeball, basketball, and foam pits, adding extra excitement to your visit. It’s an ideal spot for families, friends, or solo adventurers looking to release some energy.


Traverse City is a destination that offers a diverse range of indoor activities, ensuring that your visit will be a memorable one, no matter the weather. From movie nights under the stars to thrilling indoor adventures, Traverse City has something for everyone. 

Don’t forget to check the websites and contact numbers provided for the latest information on these attractions during your visit. Enjoy your time exploring this beautiful town!

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